Rabindra Mukta Vidyalaya

To spread the education among all the school also successfully runs a study centre (Study centre code 2308) Rabindra Mukta VIdyalaya, the Open School Education as provided by West Bengal Government. Students who are somehow unable to continue their education can pass Madhyamik (Secondary) and Higher Secondary through this system. Students have to attend classes only on Sundays and holidays.

In the Madhyamik Level (Secondary) the following subjects are taught: Bengali(Ist Language), English (2nd Language), Mathematics, Physical Science, Life science, History and Geography

In the Higher Secondary Level the following subjects are taught :

  • Languages: Bengali(01), English (02)
  • Electives: [one subject from each group]
    • 1st Group: History (03), Mathematics (02)
    • 2nd Group: Political Science (04), Chemistry (11)
    • 3rd Group: Education (05), Physics (12)
    • 4th Group: Accountancy (06), Biological Sciences (10)
    • 5th Group: Business Organisation and Management (07)
    • 6th Group: Economics Geography (08)

Practical based subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Biology